Are you happy with your permit?

From pre-application planning and preparation with all options in consideration to representation and negotiations to ensure the permit a perfect fit for your operations, ARC is dedicated to obtaining the best permit for your company. Each permit is unique and should be tailored individually for your company’s specific project and future plans.

Too many times permit writers and agencies will insert overly burdensome and unnecessary requirements in permits. Sometimes the requirements can be a single line or word that may seem small, when in actuality those additional requirements could equate to thousands of dollars, additional man hours, and increased enforcement liability. On the other hand, if the permit does not contain all the correct requirements, then the permit could be challenged, reopened, or even revoked which could lead to severe delays in planning and implementing a project. The important thing is to have a lean permit that includes everything that is needed and nothing that is not. The concept is simple, get everything you need in your permit and nothing you do not, but the execution can be complex. That is why it is important to partner with experts at ARC on permitting issues to guarantee your permit allows everything that is afforded within applicable federal, state and local regulation.