Eric Sturm of Air Reg Consulting


For over a decade, Eric has exemplified Clean Air Act expertise, engineering tactics, and entrepreneurial force. Eric has avidly served private industries and agencies offering premier environmental assistance, including expert testimony, with a focus on air quality regulatory matters. Different industry sectors served include agribusiness, mining, milling, power, various manufacturing, oil and gas. The majority of consulting services have been provided in Midwestern states although his experience is nationwide. Prior to 2011, Eric served in federal government for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where he oversaw and assisted air permitting agencies in EPA Region 7. At EPA, he also worked closely with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and EPA Headquarters as a technical expert for enforcement cases and regulations.

Eric founded ARC in early 2014.  Since inception ARC has developed a growing, satisfied client base and very knowledgeable staff. People in the presence of ARC can feel our passion for resolving regulatory issues and engineering unique solutions for your benefit. For all aspects of consulting from negotiations, presentations, and training, Eric is a very valuable person to know and have in your back pocket when environmental problems arise; his testimonials speak for themselves.  And, he never turns his cell phone off. Call him anytime, 402.310.4211




Ryan Schmeits of Air Reg Consulting


Ryan knows business. As a business owner, he has a vast background of working with several companies throughout the Midwest. At ARC, we are a network of knowledgeable people working together to find the right solution for you. No one has a better network of professionals to know and be known by than Ryan.

Ryan brings financial background to ARC that focuses on bottom line results for different industry. He provides the best accounting and fiscal services that ensures each and every client’s needs are held in the highest regard.

Matt Williams of Air Reg Consulting


Matt began with research in plant biochemistry, electrochemistry, and targeted agriculture before settling into environmental engineering with a focus on air. Professional experience with the academic, business, industrial, and regulatory sectors has provided him the opportunity to work with, and for, a variety of stakeholders. Matt firmly believes that every company and facility is at least a little bit unique. He loves approaching every new project with the attitude that the job is not just to accomplish a goal, but to do so in the manner which is best for the client in both the short and long-term.