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Assure, Confirm, & Certify Your Compliance for All Environmental Regulations



Gain Perspective & Work with a Team of Experts 



Align Operations & Equipment with Applicable Regulations



Plan Projects & Understand the Road Ahead



Are you happy with your permit?
From pre-application planning and preparation with all options in consideration to representation and negotiations to ensure the permit a perfect fit for your operations, ARC is dedicated to obtaining the best permit for your company. Each permit is unique and should be tailored individually for your company’s specific project and future plans.

Too many times permit writers and agencies will insert overly burdensome and unnecessary requirements in permits. Sometimes the requirements can be a single line or word that may seem small, when in actuality those additional requirements could equate to thousands of dollars, additional man hours, and increased enforcement liability. On the other hand, if the permit does not contain all the correct requirements, then the permit could be challenged, reopened, or even revoked which could lead to severe delays in planning and implementing a project. The important thing is to have a lean permit that includes everything that is needed and nothing that is not. The concept is simple, get everything you need in your permit and nothing you do not, but the execution can be complex. That is why it is important to partner with experts at ARC on permitting issues to guarantee your permit allows everything that is afforded within applicable federal, state and local regulation.


Who’s in your corner?

Difficult regulatory questions and decisions arise on a daily basis. We take ownership in our client’s regulatory issues and face them as our own. As a client, we ensure you have all the options available to evaluate and make the best decisions for your company. Whether a major project, compliance inspection, stack testing, or information request, our expert assistance will help you navigate the best options for your situation. These decisions, and the information relied upon to make them, make the difference between successful companies, efficiencies, and profits.

Our assistance varies in several areas including:
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Strategy & Negotiations
  • Emissions Modeling
  • Emissions Monitoring
  • Inspection Support
  • Permit Review
  • Expert Witness
  • Expert Representation
  • Permit Applicability
  • Staff & Executive Training
  • Stack Testing Assistance
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Litigation Assistance
  • Records & Inventories
  • Information Requests
  • Detailed Audit


What keeps you up at night?
For many companies and organizations compliance liability can be a troubling issue due to anything from ambiguous permit conditions to ever changing federal and state regulations. Staying in compliance requires a strong knowledge base, strategic planning, and persistent execution. At ARC we love helping you through the process of maintaining compliance and a clean compliance history. To name a few services, we offer regulatory applicability analysis, permit review, training, on-site audits, due diligence, records review, and although we hope you never need compliance negotiation assistance, we provide superior client representation in all levels of negotiations with local, state, and federal agencies.

The Clean Air Act 1970 is complex and demanding enough to keep lawyers, engineers, and environmentalists busy for all of their life times. It seems to me that we have created a maze into which only the foolhardy attempt to enter and from which only the exhausted, depleted, and defeated emerge.

Aerial footage of biogas plant. Aerial view over biogas plant and farm in green fields


What’s next?

The ability to understand what is coming on the horizon will put you in best position to deal with issues to come and capitalize on future opportunities. At ARC we understand the importance of handling issues of today while keeping an eye on what issues lie ahead. Many environmental air regulations are statutorily required to be routinely reviewed and revised by governmental agencies, like: ambient air quality standards, federal performance requirements, and available control technologies. Other volatile forces such as case law, judge decisions, and local environmental conditions cause changes in permitting applicability, thresholds, and requirements in local areas.

Our staff eat, drink, breath and live air quality regulations. We know which items are a significant cause for concern, and how to prioritize all areas of concern to make the most efficient use of your time. We effectively communicate, work with, and apprise our clients and partners to put them in the best position to handle the ever-changing road ahead of air quality regulations.

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We Simplify the Complex Regulatory Landscape & Deliver Appreciable Solutions

At ARC, we understand that environmental regulations can pose significant challenges to industry, often impeding progress or jeopardizing compliance. Through experience, we have witnessed how compliance and permitting are crucial to achieving long-term success, and we are deeply committed to assisting our industry partners.

Our approach is rooted in our fact-based expertise, which enables us to translate complex regulations into simple, concise, and implementable solutions to benefit all stakeholders. We take pride in being the most valuable member of our clients’ teams, providing them with comprehensive air and water compliance services with consideration of operations, environmental, health, and safety as a whole.

Thanks to our facility collaborations nationwide, we have been fortunate to share in the success of our industry partners and continue to grow alongside them. A close working relationship with managers enables us to provide tailored solutions that meet specific compliance needs while being responsible stewards of business and the environment.


To be our clients’ greatest asset in translating complex environmental regulations into simple, concise, and implementable actions that benefit all stakeholders.

The core values we strive for each and every day:


  1. Expertise – We are committed to fact based regulatory compliance
  2. Concise – We make the complex simple
  3. Rewarding – We get immense pride in what we do and celebrate successes both internally and with our clients
  4. Excellence – We strive to be the best member of each client’s team
  5. Efficiency – We provide timely & transparent communication
  6. Professional – We are clean in how we present ourselves & courteous in conducting business
Our Team
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Jason Morovitz
Jason Morovitz
NEPA Specialist
Our Work
Client Speak

Eric and ARC have provided air permit-related consulting services for my company, a large agriculture commodities and chemical manufacturer, for the past year. I have been continually impressed by the level of technical expertise and professionalism. They are very thorough and careful in their approach to their service continually seeking the best outcome for their client.

Brian Wanzenried, PE

VP EHS US/Mexico for Viterra

Over the last several years I have been managing a large sand operation in Wisconsin. This operation wasn’t without regulatory and compliance challenges when I came on board. Over these years Eric has provided outstanding support and Eric has been in the lead role on all issues related to air emissions. Eric went above and beyond to make sure he was there for us, leaving nothing on the table in his effort to improve, coach, educate, and defend us. It didn’t matter if was day or night, weekday or weekend, Eric rose to the challenge and helped us – Immediately, precisely, professionally, and best if all as a true gentleman and trusted confidant. My whole team owes Eric a debt of gratitude and I would recommend him to come through for you every time.

Jason Featherly

VP of Operations for Silvermine Stone Co.

I have known Eric since his time as Engineer at EPA Region 7 Air Quality [in 2007], and more recently have worked collaboratively with him in power generation. His calm and precise ability to explain the nuances of complicated rules filled with endless acronyms impressed me from the beginning. Power Plant Compliance has relied on Eric to meet deadlines for a myriad of reports and air permits. He professionally negotiates the direction the project should take and gently persuades it along to that end. He is pleasant, dedicated and enthusiastic, with a positive and motivating outlook. I fully recommend Eric to undertake the most complex issues; he is nothing short of brilliant.

Donna Oehm

Founder of Power Plant Compliance

Since 2011 I have worked with Eric on a variety of Air Compliance matters some complex and some routine. Throughout these multiple projects Eric’s skills, technical know-how, creativity, and timeliness have been hallmarks of his great work. Positive outcomes from these critical projects have assisted our business units immensely by achieving compliance while demonstrating value which has contributed directly to our bottom line.

Matthew Navea

Senior EHS Manager Americas for Solenis

My name is Joe Oswalt and I am the EHS Manager for E Energy Adams in Adams, NE. I have worked with Eric for the last 11 years and the services that he has provided is top notch! I can always rely on Eric to give me quality and timely assistance on compliance issues. His expertise in air quality regulations is exceptional, and I would highly recommend his services for any regulatory needs.

Joe Oswalt

EHS Manager for E Energy Adams

I have worked with Eric for over 7 years where he has handled permitting for multiple new operations in several states including Nebraska, Wisconsin and Texas. Most recently I worked with him and ARC on the emission controls for a Resin Coating facility in Monahans, TX. I have always found Eric and ARC to be on top of their game and when questions or issues came up regarding our permits, they were able to provide guidance and give us the best options for our facilities. I highly recommend their service.

Ken Potts

Plant Manager for Compass Minerals

Eric, is by many words, a fully intelligent, strong willed, and favorable person to work with. Studying and working with Eric was always a motivating factor to accomplishing goals. He pursues his aspirations, and does them well with true action, and a follow through that shows what it means to be a leader. He is willing to start something on his own is amazing and heartfelt as this is one of the many qualities that shows his is aptitude for hard work and accomplishment. As an engineer, he provides advanced knowledge and character, admirably silent though strong focus. Surely, anyone that works with Eric will know what it means to be accomplished and successful, and finding new ways to help others and the environment.

Juan Davila

University of Nebraska Engineering
Get In Touch

5455 Red Rock Ln, Ste 13, Lincoln, NE, 68516


Office: 402.817.7887


Principal, Sr. Consultant

Eric has exemplified Clean Air Act expertise, engineering tactics, and entrepreneurial force for over a decade. Eric has avidly served private industries and agencies offering premier environmental assistance, including expert testimony, with a focus on air quality regulatory matters. Different industry sectors served include agribusiness, mining, milling, power, various manufacturing and energy markets. The majority of consulting services have been provided in Midwestern states although his experience is coast to coast. 

Prior to 2011, Eric served in federal government for the EPA where he oversaw and assisted air permitting agencies in EPA Region 7. At EPA, Eric worked closely with the Department of Justice and EPA Headquarters as a technical expert for enforcement cases and regulations. Eric founded ARC in early 2014. Since inception, ARC has developed a growing, satisfied client base and very knowledgeable staff. People in the presence of ARC can feel our passion for resolving regulatory issues and engineering unique solutions for your benefit. For all aspects of consulting, Eric is a very valuable person to know and have in your back pocket when environmental problems arise; his testimonials speak for themselves.


Environmental Consultant & Modeler

As a Nebraska native, Sydney is excited to be joining the ARC team. She brings a passion for the environment and previous leadership experience. From President of the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Student Chapter at the University of Arizona to the Committee Chair of the Future Leaders in the Arizona Rock Product Association. Sydney graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Mining Engineering. Prior to ARC, Sydney worked as an Environmental Specialist in the private sector for aggregate mining and asphalt production in Arizona and New Mexico. Sydney has several years of experience with agency inspections, auditing, and reporting. During this time Sydney was able to clearly communicate the industry needs to federal, state, and local agencies, while providing proper training to the industry with the agency requirements.


Sr. Consultant & Modeler

Tim’s 25 years of experience in air quality have refined his ability to navigate intricate environmental projects. Tim recognizes that every project is unique, and he excels at crafting tailored solutions that not only align with regulatory standards but also enhance long-term sustainability goals, operational efficiency, and profitability.

Starting his career in the public sector at the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Tim provided regulatory guidance to industry and evaluated construction permitting projects. This experience gave him a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of environmental compliance.

For the past 17 years, Tim has served as a trusted consultant to a diverse array of industries. His specialized expertise includes air dispersion modeling, air permit applications, greenhouse gas reports, emission and toxic release inventories, and testing management services. However, he also embraces novel environmental challenges, such as incorporating weather data to enhance a University of Nebraska – Lincoln odor footprint tool or creating an environmental data management system. Tim’s decades-long client relationships provide clear evidence of his consistent delivery of positive results. 


Accounting Specialist
Stephanie has knack for taking care of people and accounts with expert skill. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska (ARC has many Nebraska graduates) with several years of experience of accounting and account management. Stephanie has worked for large multinational companies, primarily in the role of project manager. At ARC, Stephanie connects with the team and clients on a level to assure everyone is happy and productive. Outside of the work environment, Stephanie dedicates her life to her lovely two daughters and husband.


Principal, General Counsel

Jennifer ensures the technical and legal separation at ARC. Environmental regulations can be extremely complex and assistance in navigating compliance matters can be difficult. It often times requires legal assistance. ARC is an engineering and consulting company that does not provide legal advice or services. We partner with legal firms when those situations arise, and Jennifer leads that effort.

Jennifer has EPA Clean Air Act experience and served as a legal extern at Region 3 in Philadelphia. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami and was awarded her J.D. with Distinction from University of Nebraska College of Law, where she served on the Nebraska Law Review as an Executive Editor. Jennifer’s experience and education matches ARC’s nationwide client base and helps in gaining perspective for the company and those we serve.


VP, Sr. Consultant

From his upbringing in Texas to his early career in Colorado to raising a family in the Midwest, Nathan has a broad perspective of people, business, and industries. His professional experiences have varied from information technology, renewable energy, rail and transit, planning, transportation engineering, and environmental sciences. He blends this diverse background with strong communications skills to bring the right people, at the right time, to the table to cultivate success.

Having successfully completed projects for private industry and local, state, and federal agencies, Nathan understands the priorities of each stakeholder. He’s keen to thoroughly understand the situation and strategically think outside the box to develop the best client-centric solutions while being environmentally compliant.


Environmental Consultant
There no is problem too complicated or technical for Matt. Matt’s specialized background and resolution strategies makes him ultimately valuable to clients, and the ARC team as a whole. Matt began his career in plant biochemistry, electrochemistry, and targeted agriculture before settling into environmental engineering with a focus on air. Professional experience with the academic, business, industrial, and regulatory sectors has provided him the opportunity to work with, and for, a variety of stakeholders. Matt is a professional engineer and firmly believes that every company and facility is at least a little bit unique. He loves approaching every new project with the attitude that the job is not just to accomplish a goal, but to do so in the manner which is best for the client in both the short and long-term.


Accounting Support

Ryan knows business. As a business owner, he has a vast background of working with several companies throughout the Midwest. At ARC, we are a network of knowledgeable people working together to find the right solution for you. No one has a better network of professionals to know and be known by than Ryan. Ryan brings financial background to ARC that focuses on bottom line results for different industry. He provides the best accounting and fiscal services that ensures each and every client’s needs are held in the highest regard.


EHS Consultant & Modeler
Will is renowned as one of the top emissions modelers and meteorologist in the Midwest. He has assisted and performed several ambient air analyses for several industries and agencies. Will began with a meteorological degree from the University of Nebraska which lead to a job forecasting weather for industrial facilities in throughout the United States. The forecasting position lead to a focus on the environment and air quality regulatory matters with a primary emphasis of air dispersion modeling. For close to 20 years, Will has worked with private industry and agencies offering assistance on a multitude of air quality related projects. He loves to approach each project with the resolve to provide the client the best options moving forward.